Renting a motorcycle without the appropriate license and registration (LTO) papers is absolutely ILLEGAL here in Bohol.

Renting a motorcycle with the appropriate license and registration (LTO) papers is absolutely essential here in Bohol.

pnp checkpoint bohol

PNP checkpoint in Bohol checking paperwork.

Before you think about renting a motorcycle here in Bohol, make sure the registration is up to date as many rental agencies do not keep the registration current, dont give you a helmet and some will even rent you a stolen motorcycle! I have heard many horror stories from renters that wanted to save a few bucks on renting a motorcycle and got into allot of trouble!

As a tourist here in Bohol, remember to choose a reputable rental agency. You may have to pay $5 to $10 a day more but well worth it when your entering a PNP checkpoint here in Bohol while your on vacation only to be thrown in jail for riding a stolen motorcycle or getting pulled over without the proper paperwork from (LTO). Your motorcycle will be confiscated and you will become a walking tourist, this will ruin your vacation for sure. We will not let this happen when you rent from us!

Here at Mikes Island Motorcycle Rentals, we only rent motorcycles with the appropriate license and registration (LTO) papers here in Bohol, Philippines.
I have seen may tourists here rent motorcycles and try to save a few pesos on a cheaper rental only to get into allot of trouble not only with the PNP (Philippines National Police) but some agencies will even claim damages and threaten you with jail time if you dont pay the huge sums of money for the repairs. Its just not worth it to save $10 – $20 just to end up in jail or stuck with and pushing a broke down UN-safe motorcycle rental down the road while on your vacation.

To enjoy a trouble free vacation while renting a motorbike in Bohol, here are 10 basic tips:

2. Don’t speed and drive recklessly
3. Make sure you wear shoes and a shirt (Flip-Flops and Sandals are not shoes)
4. Check your lights (allot of rental companies will rent you a motorbike with no lights)
5. Make sure you have updated registration and a copy of the or and cr with your motorcycle at all times encase your stopped
6. Make sure the motorcycle has good tires
7. Make sure the motorcycle has not been altered in any way (Loud Mufflers are illegal here)
8. Carry a map (we can provide one if you don’t have one)
9. Make sure you and your passenger wear helmets AT ALL TIMES! And never ride more that 2 passengers on a motorcycle
10. Make sure the motorcycle has gas (Most Rental Agencies will rent you a motorbike with an empty gas tank) beware

These are just some basic things to make your Bohol Vacation more enjoyable..

Have you traveled anywhere in bohol on a scooter? Have you dealt with a PNP Checkpoint while here in Bohol? Leave your experiences in the comments section below.

Mike's Bohol Motorcycle Rentals

Hi, This is Mike at Mike's Island Motorcycle Rentals and i offer Motorcycles for rent in Bohol. We offer premium motorbike rentals. Rent a motorbike or scooter in Bohol. We pick up and deliver at your hotel and resort or at the pier or airport. Long term rentals are my specialty!

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6 Responses

  1. Joe Pimental says:

    I am interested in a month rental/cost of a scooter ; I am relocating permanently to Bohol from the U S, around 11/2016. 62 year old white guy, responsible, mechanic background.

  2. Terblanche Botes says:

    Hi Mike

    I do have a valid code B drivers license for a vehicle, not a motorcycle license. I have hired before, but not in Philippines. Will this be okey?

  3. Dave Strouse says:

    I had an experience with a motorcycle I rented in Alona Beach that I didn’t know the registration was expired. I ended up getting the motorcycle impounded and the Police in Panglao were ready to arrest me. Thank god they were nice and let me go but had to walk back to my hotel. Not fun.

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