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HI! This is Mike! At this time with this Covid-19 situation, I have decided to only stock the premium most popular motorcycles. “XR 150cc 5 Speed Trail Bike and the Yamaha 155cc TOTALLY AUTOMATIC” NMAX.
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or fill out the motorcycle rental reservation form below and i will get you hooked up with a 100 percent maintained, safe, dependable motorcycle, while with us here in the Philippines.
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NOTE: 3 day minimum motorcycle rental / valid Drivers License (Foreign or Domestic) is required to rent a motorcycle!

Honda XR 150ccYamaha NMAX 155cc Automatic

All Prices Below Are Based on a 3 Day Minimum Rental

Required to reserve: 200USD Deposit, this is fully refundable upon the return of the motorcycle in the same condition it left in.

Manual Motorcycles Automatic Motorcycles
XR 150cc – PHP2400/55USD 3days NMAX 155cc – PHP3000/67USD 3days

All motorcycle rentals (3-day minimum). Weekly and monthly long term motorcycle rentals are less money per day of course! Let me know how long you need it and I’ll get back with The SPECIAL discount pricing.
Mike πŸ˜ŽπŸŒ΄β›±πŸ πŸŸπŸ¦πŸ¦žπŸ¬πŸ³πŸ¦€ AND WELCOME TO BOHOL!
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Sara from Australia. wrote: Best Bikes in Bohol!

I found Mike’s motorcycles after renting old unreliable trail bikes in Alona beach. The bikes (not Mike’s bikes) were rented to us with no fuel, but they expected them to be returned with full fuel. One had no brake light, the other had no back brakes and completely lost power on the way home. The scooter had 2 flat tires on the way to Chocolate hills and we wasted two hours having them repaired. I did a Google search and found Mike and his brand new, highly maintained Motor Cycles. Everything you read on his website is true, and he is an awesome, friendly and reliable guy too! We rented a 2016 Honda XR 150 for a week, from Mike, for slightly more than the “old dodgy bikes” and we were so impressed, in fact we believe that we could not have made it home from Anda in a storm without Mike’s bike. Perfect in every way. So nice to meet you Mike, and thank you for your exemplary customer service. To read more of our reviews Click Here

 😎 SPECIAL Discounts on long term rentals.mikes island motorcycle rentals palm tree

We have been renting Motorcycles since 2008.

Call or Text ME @


or send me an email at: and i will get you hooked up with a 100 percent maintained, safe, dependable motorcycle while with us here in the Philippines. mikes island motorcycle rentals palm tree Mike

Mikes Motorcycle Rentals Bohol/Cebu will provide you a perfectly maintained motor bike that will assure you a thrilling motorbike tour. We provide information about the Island of Cebu/Bohol/Dumaguete or Leyte about where to stay, where to go and what to do. Mikes Bohol/Cebu Island Motorcycle Rentals amazing staff and crew are here to help you make your riding dreams a safe reality!

Mikes Bohol/Cebu Motorcycle Rentals based out of Bohol/Cebu, Philippines. Helmets Included of coarse!

Our goal is to provide motorcycles and scooter enthusiasts with all the information necessary to plan a great ride and vacation here in Cebu/Bohol/Dumaguete or Leyte as well as provide you with a SAFE motor cycle. We have the lowest rates and unlimited miles on all types of new model motorcycle rentals.

If you’re planning a trip to Bohol, Cebu, Dumaguete, or Leyte, Philippines. And need a motorcycle to rent, Mikes Island Motorcycle Rentals is the best place to rent from.

Mikes Island Motorcycle Rentals cares about your safety and only rents new or near new motorcycles.
Each motorcycle goes through a rigorous 40 point mechanical and performance checklist before its rented out again to ensure a safe ride while you rent.

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    Type Of Motorcycle You Would Like to Rent:

    Honda XR 150cc 5 speed Trail Bike.

    Yamaha NMAX 155cc Fully Automatic FUEL INJECTED

    Your drop-off Location Instructions: Notes and Special Instructions:

    Is my foreign drivers license good for driving/renting a motorcycle in the Philippines?

    Vehicles in the Philippines drive on the right side of the road : i.e. – Left Hand Steering.
    Distances and car speeds are in Kilometers and Kilometers Per Hour. Remember that one mile equals about 1.6 km.

    (foreign licenses are LEGALLY acceptable for ALL motorcycle drivers staying here up to 90 days of stay).

    Mike’s Riding Tips For a Safe Holiday With Us Here in The Philippines

    To enjoy a trouble-free vacation while renting a motorbike in Bohol, here are 10 basic tips:

    2. Don’t speed (Expect the unexpected while driving here, Drive slow and defensively)
    3. Make sure you wear shoes and a shirt (Flip-Flops and Sandals are not shoes)
    4. Check your lights (allot of rental companies will rent you a motorbike with no lights)
    5. Make sure you have updated registration papers with your motorcycle at all times.
    6. Make sure the motorcycle has good tires
    7. Make sure the motorcycle has not been altered in any way (Loud Mufflers are illegal here)
    8. Carry a map (we can provide one if you don’t have one)
    9. Make sure you and your passenger wear helmets AT ALL TIMES! And never ride more than 2 passengers on a motorcycle.
    10. Make sure the motorcycle has gas (Most Rental Agencies will rent you a motorbike with an empty gas tank) beware.

    These are just some basic things to make your Bohol Vacation more safe and enjoyable..MIKE!!!


    Benjamin and his lovely wife in Bohol from Hong Kong , picking up there Honda XR150cc trail bike from Mike at the pier in Tagbilaran city … Have fun you guys