Why We Choose Yamaha and Honda

yamaha vs honda motorcycles

When it comes to motorcycles, enthusiasts keep their standards high.

There’s nothing comparable to a good bike and that’s why many choose to purchase Yamaha’s and Honda’s. The Yamaha and Honda brands have been around for decades manufacturing motorcycles and other motorized vehicles to ship them to dealerships all over the globe. They’ve earned a great reputation and had amazing success as manufacturers of vehicles, especially motorcycles.

About Yamaha Motorcycles

Yamaha originally began making pianos but by 1953, Genichi Kawakami the president of the company at the time had declared his interest in creating motorcycle engines. Thus, by 1954 Yamaha had released the Yamaha YA-1, a single cylinder 125cc engine. After going through its first endurance test, it was clear that Yamaha had created something unique and that they’d go on to continue manufacturing motorcycle engines and eventually the motorcycles they now create today. By 1955, the YA-1 was being manufactured and sold to the public.

Currently, Yamaha is known for its lineup of high-performance sport bikes. After years of perfecting motorcycle engines, they’ve advanced immensely, creating various types of cruisers, triple-powered and twin-powered performance bikes. Their lineup of motorcycles has caught and maintained the interest of professional riders and motorcycle enthusiasts all over the world.  

About Honda Motorcycles

In 1949, Honda released its very first motorcycle, the D-Type. This was the first of a series of Honda motorcycles later to be named Dream. The concept for the Dream D-Type was to eliminate the manual clutch operations to make it easier on riders. This made it the first motorcycle in Japan with a clone clutch mechanism and a semi-automatic clutch system. Although it was very popular at first, the design soon started to receive complaints and Honda began to enhance its features to make it more marketable.

It took some time to perfect their motorcycles while maintaining their concept to create easy to ride bikes, but by 1959 Honda was deemed the largest motorcycle manufacturer in the world. Aside from their mopeds, light motorcycles, all-terrain vehicles, off-road models, all-purpose models, racing models, scooters, motocross models, and racing models, Honda has a well-received lineup of motorcycle models. Honda’s motorcycle models now consist of 15 different bike series and models that are widely preferred and purchased all around the world.

Yamaha VS Honda

Yamaha and Honda have had a healthy rivalry for many decades. Although Honda is steadily more preferred by motorcycle enthusiasts, Yamaha is close behind. The brands’ dedication to the creation and manufacturing of their motorcycle lines has earned them their success as leading motorcycle manufacturers. Both brands showcase a high regard for consistent advancements and enhancements in their motorcycle lineups. According to studies, Honda’s product quality takes the cake over Yamaha by a staggering 34% while Yamaha takes the lead in having better quality in their sports products.

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