3 Tips on Fixing/Repairing Motorcycle Saddlebags

Tips on Fixing Repairing Motorcycle Saddlebags

Saddlebags on your motorcycle allow you to carry your necessities with you, wherever you go, they don’t make you feel weighed down when transporting your cargo.

They don’t require maintenance often but like everything else, with time they too wear out. Usual problems with motorbike saddlebags are sagging or even tearing.

Over time, motorbike saddlebags become prone to cracking sagging, or even tearing because of intense rough weather and/or poor quality. That can be frustrating as saddlebags will start looking unappealing and affect the style and aesthetics of your motorcycle. Keeping your saddlebags in good condition is important.
Nobody wants their often replacement. Here are the solutions to this situation that most people are not aware of. Get the best quality abs plastic glue you can find in the plumbing section from a hardware store.
If your saddlebag has developed a crack or small hole thick abs glue can fill the crack. In most cases, the cracks and holes aren’t hard to repair with these three simple tips.
Here are 3 Tips on Fixing/Repairing Motorcycle Saddlebags.

1. Fixing and Repairing Your Saddlebags Using Hot Water

When a motorcycle saddlebag starts to cave in and lose its form, you need some basic procedures for getting them back to its original like-new condition.
For simple cleaning, you need water and a bunch of newspapers. Soak your saddlebag in a tub of hot water for about 30 seconds. It makes the leather malleable and makes it easier to reform and reshape.
Then stuff it with newspaper and set it out to dry so they don’t get misshaped. After leaving it for 24 hours, it should be back to its original shape ready to use.

2. Repairing your SaddleBags with an ABS Glue

Because of sun exposure, rain, and just plain old ware and tare, the plastic and leather will start to weather and crack, and leather will begin to lose its shape.
You can easily get the cracks and small holes in your saddlebag repaired by using a dab of ABS plastic. The application of ABC plastic can differ.
To get started with the procedure, first, make sure your saddlebag is empty. Then close that hole with duct tape from the inner side of the saddlebag. Then shave a portion of a dowel in a glass jar and mix the shavings with a methylene chloride solution. ABS shavings will be easily dissolved in methylene chloride. The mixtures can be thickened easily with the addition of more shaving. The dissolving process will take up to 5 to 10 minutes. Get a dowl or stick of wood for mixing the contents of the solution.
Roughen the repair area with a 220-grit emery paper and spread your ABS mixture over the top of the hole. Don’t forget to duct tape inside the saddlebag to keep it from leaking inside.
Once you have applied the mixture, touch up the surrounding messy edges by using fine sandpaper, this repair fuses with the bag material.
Make sure to do this repair in a room that is well ventilated, or consider doing it in an open area with open doors so the fumes will not settle in the room.
It’s an easy, and simple repair job that works. Leave the bag for 30 minutes for drying and you will be amazed by the results.

3. Fix For Your Sagging Saddlebags

The most common motorbike saddlebag problem is sagging. It usually happens with cheap saddlebags that are manufactured from 2 to 3 mm leather.
You can avoid this problem by buying high-quality saddlebags from retable brands that are manufactured from thick cowhide (8-12mm thickness).
Unfortunately, sagging occurs with almost all leather saddlebags with time.
For fixing the sagging Saddlebags, you will need sheets of plastic polystyrene and strong quality glue. Most likely, you can get the glue from any hardware store in your area.
After you managed to get your hands on sheets of plastic and glue. Start the procedure by removing saddlebags from the motorcycle. Take the exact measurements of your saddlebags and make a cutting of the exact size of the sagging lid. Then apply the glue on a plastic polystyrene sheet and stick it to the inner side of the saddlebag. For the plastic sheet to make a strong bonding with the saddlebag add on some extra weight on the sheet and leave it for at least 24 hrs to set. Your bag should be perfectly repaired and ready to hang on your motorcycle by the next morning.

We hope that the above 3 tips on Fixing and Repairing Motorcycle Saddlebags helped out our fellow bikers, as motorcycling is in our DNA! 🏍️

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